Why I love being a B2B CFO®

Today I was at a client site – having the time of my life!

This company has grown substantially over  the past several years.  And reports that used to be fairly simple and quick to produce had taken on a life of their own.   The office staff had done a tremendous job and kept up with the ever growing data, but at a huge cost to peace of mind and general enjoyment of their workspace.  Also, the dangers of data errors in the entering and maintaining of separate and redundant data sets was not acceptable and a big source of worry to the owner.

I saw that most of the data  in the reports was in QuickBooks, but not accessible as simple reports.  I knew I could make a difference. First, I spent  some time getting to know the books, the staff and the reporting needs before digging in, defining the goal and developing a plan for inputing missing data and combining non-uniform data sets.

Today I worked with the office manager to pull the data, taught her how to do some excel magic to combine the non-uniform data and then run pivot tables that showed just what the owner wanted to see.  I did some of the driving but when ever possible, I gave her the mouse and let her go through the process.  She was so excited and we had so much fun – It’s probably hard for many to believe we were doing accounting!  But after next month when we reconcile the two methods, she will save 10-15 hours a week, including countless hours of checking and rechecking data,  and replace it with a once a month procedure that will take about  1/2 day.  And the process is scalable-the time will not increase as the companies continues to grow.  The owner is happy to know that the reports he wants will be solid and relieve him of  worry about not knowing what is happening in his company  – and as a bonus his staff will have reduced stress.

It’s a good day to be B2B CFO®!


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