Why I love being a B2B CFO®

This may be the first time you hear of the company Lektromotiv – but I doubt that it will be the last.  Last night they presented at the New Enterprise Forum  (NEF) in Ann Arbor, a venue where start up companies who have been coached by the NEF program committee teams come to present their investor pitch.

Lektromotiv has a patented technology that creates an electric motor with either twice the power or half the size of it’s competitors.   I was introduced to this company several months ago and have worked with the NEF Program committee and the MISBTDC to support them in creating a targeted investor pitch, their initial pro formas and their first major deal with a Tier 1 Auto supplier.  Watching this process unfold –  an amazing technology with a proven prototype taking giant steps toward becoming a production company – has been a trip of a lifetime.   Great people doing amazing things.

It’s a good day to be a B2B CFO®


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