Where Have All the Good People Gone?

I’ve heard it over and over lately – We are looking to hire some people but can’t find anyone of quality.  Why is that?

I was recently talking with someone from a large automotive supplier who said they were very busy (a great thing for an auto supplier) and went on to say that they were looking to hire a couple of Engineers but can’t find any one that meets their strict requirements.

So where have all the good prospects gone?  Have they left Michigan for greener pastures?

I remember seeing a bumper sticker many, many years ago when people were leaving Michigan in droves and heading for Texas.  The bumper sticker said – Will the last person leaving Michigan please turn out the lights.  Is this happening again?

Businesses can’t just “settle” for anyone just to fill a position.  Michigan is in a transition and needs the best of the best for the State to grow and prosper.  The employment picture has been tough here in Michigan but is starting the turnaround and, although hard, people need to be a little more patient and good things will come to them.

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