What’s in YOUR slingshot?

I went to see Malcolm Gladwell speak last night – what an amazing mind!  I especially love his book, David and Goliath. Like his other books, it made me question the way I look at the world, challenging the assumptions, precepts and beliefs that I don’t even see.  For me, the central theme of  David and Goliath is about playing to one’s strengths.  Too often we are so willing to see where we have a weakness or a lack and beat ourselves up over it – trying to make ourselves into something better instead of accepting who we are.  And I don’t mean “accepting” in the meaning of “settling for less”, but in embracing ourselves and all our gifts and strengths and using them to build a life we love.  In fact, I think that may be our most important job in life – embracing our self and then following our heart.

I think one of my  strengths that has been hard to accept is the ability to move forward without knowing the answer –  to trust my ability to find solutions. This gives me my most powerful gift – to really listen to what my clients need and want and to create solutions that really work for them rather than fit some prefab solution.  Not having to know WHAT the solution to a particular situation is, but trusting that I know HOW to find the solution.

So, What’s in YOUR slingshot?

photo credit: Dave vs… via photopin (license)


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