What is Economic Gardening?

Economic Gardening.  Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, in his State of the State address, brought up this concept.  In basic terms, Economic Gardening represents the practice of working with the small businesses in the state to help them grow which will, in turn, create more jobs.   To help Michigan grow, Governor Snyder is saying that we don’t need to just concentrate in bringing in new business to the state to help grow employment, let’s work with what we already have.

It doesn’t mean doing business as usual and hope Michigan businesses will grow.  According to Rob Fowler, President and CEO of the Small Business Association of Michigan, small business success depends on having good “soil.”  There are four specific needs that should be addressed by the Economic Gardening “toolbox.”

  1. Customized market research
  2. Diagnostic analysis and advice from experienced and objective experts on growing a company
  3. Finding management talent and growing into that talent
  4. Finding outside expertise (consulting) that is qualified and affordable

This is a new challenge and huge opportunity for Michigan.  Governor Snyder must embrace this new concept and move forward quickly for the future of the state.

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