The Unofficial Organizational Chart

As the owner of a business, much of the future success you will achieve or the future pain you will feel or the results of the future exit strategy from your company will be predicated on how well you are able to manage the time of all those that work within your own organization.

Too many business owners feel they are pulled down into administrative tasks, which takes them away from the ability to grow the company and to stay ahead of the competition.

Although we have been taught that an organization chart begins with the President or Chairman and works its way down from there to Managers, Supervisors, Clerks, etc., the Unofficial Organization Chart is made up of “Finders, Minders or Grinders“.  This philosophy is documented in the book The Danger Zone, Lost in the Growth Transition, by Jerry L. Mills.


Finders – Live in the Future
Finders are the leaders of the company. They are generally entrepreneurial in nature and are often the business owner or CEO. They are not necessarily the people who lead all company employees on a daily basis. Finders demonstrate the type of leadership that ‘pulls’ people into the future – employees, current customers and future customers.
A good Finder spends most of his or her time building relationships. The success of any company is due to the relationships that the Finder is able to make with others. Building relationships takes time and is typically the best time the Finder can spend in helping a company succeed.
Show me a Finder who will spend 30 to 40 hours a week in finding activities and I will show you a company that will have significant increases in sales in the future. Conversely, show me a Finder who stops spending time in finding activities and I will show you a company that is starting the inevitable cycle of getting into financial trouble.
Minders – Live in the Past
Minders are critical to the company’s success. They are the key administrative people of the company. A Minder may be the company’s controller, bookkeeper, finance manager, CFO, IT Director, IT Manager, etc.

Finders typically do not have the accounting, IT or other background to work extensively in minding activities. By nature, Finders detest this work. They resent the fact that they have to spend their time in countless meetings, working on cash flow, hiring and firing people, meeting with accountants, attorneys, bankers, etc.

Grinders – Today is all the Matters

Grinders are people who do the physical work of the company. In a manufacturing company, the Grinder is the person who makes the widgets. The people making the phone calls are the Grinders in a telemarketing company. The Grinders put the cars together in an automobile manufacturing plant.

Grinders are only concerned about what happens today. No concern is given to the past or the future. Although, Grinders are essential for the growth of any company.

For companies to grow the Finders must escape the minding trap as is demonstrated in this graph.

If  they do not have the necessary Minders in their organization they must hire them.  By doing this Finders discover an extra 15 or 20 hours a week of finding time which will assist in the future success of the organization.

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