The Services of a B2B CFO in Lake Orion (and surrounding areas!)

How can a B2B CFO® help you and your business, let me count the ways….

Services related to Key Decision Making

1.       In-house preparation of accurate and timely monthly financial statements

2.       In-house preparation of monthly budget-to-actual reports

3.       Forecasts of income and expenses

4.       In-house management report preparation

5.       Recommendations on areas for improvement or future growth

Services related to Cash Improvement

6.       Forecasts of sources and uses of cash

7.       Improve collections of accounts receivable

8.       Inventory control and management

9.       Recommendations on how to reduce overhead

Services related to Creditors and Lenders

10.   Prepare loan packages

11.   Prepare business plans

12.   Meetings with lenders with or for the owner

13.   Assist with workout solutions with creditors

Other services that can be provided

14.   Internal control improvement and implementation

15.   Advice on computer hardware and software upgrades

16.   Supervision and mentoring of the accounting staff

17.   Assist in preparing yearly audit workpapers

18.   Coordination of tax return preparation with the tax CPA

If you are looking for this kind of assistance drop me a note.

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