The Balance the Budget Game

So you think you can balance the Michigan budget better than Governor Snyder?  Michigan is facing a $1.4 billion deficit.  The Governor is facing some difficult budget choices so Michigan doesn’t get further in the whole. 

The Center of Michigan has created a budget game giving you the opportunity to try to balance the budget.  The game gives you the same options the governor and lawmakers have in balancing the budget.  The first question asks if you endorse the governor’s plan to cut business taxes by $1.2 billion.  If you are in favor of it your deficit jumps to $2.6 billion as your starting point.

Next you are guided through five categories with tax cut opportunities and one with tax increase choices.  Each of these categories has two to five suggested ways that will affect the budget along with the dollar amount of each choice.  A blue bar at the top of the screen shows you how close you are in meeting the goal of balancing the budget.

After you hit the ‘Finished’ button you can see how you compared to others who took the challenge. 

Check it out here at balance the budget game

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