My Shotgun Approach to Marketing

Making marketing fun!

In fall of 2011, my local chamber added a new event to their schedule – a trap shoot.  I didn’t go and heard afterward that it was a lot of fun but that no women participated.

Coincidentally, my husband and I had inherited a shotgun – the very first firearm that either one of us had ever owned.   I was basically afraid to touch it and thought that, if it was going to be in the house, I should at least not be afraid of it.

Could I kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and overcome my fear of firearms, learn to shoot, and participate in the trap shoot the next year?

Yes!  And a scheme was hatched to learn to shoot trap, show up and make a reasonable presentation at the next year’s shoot and be visible in my business community in a fun and impactful way.   (Alright, I had visions of getting so good I would “blow them all away!”).

That of course assumed that I could learn to shoot…..

The plan seemed good and then time slipped by.  Suddenly it was mid-summer and the trap shoot was 2 months away.  I went to a range and tried shooting the shotgun and quickly decided I needed help and signed up for lessons.    Ed was a Godsend, a retired engineer, who was a wonderful  teacher and patiently taught me all the components of shooting:   correct shoulder positioning, proper stance (leaning forward), cheek in the same place and held tight to the stock, relaxing my trigger hand, holding firm with the other hand and pointing at the clay with my index finger, not aiming but just “going for the clay” and firing when I got within range, not waiting until I was right on target and on and on and on …

I pretty much got all the basics down and I started to hit the clays fairly reliably.  And I was having so much fun!  BUT I had not gotten to use the oscillator yet – the machine that throws the clays out randomly so you don’t know where they will show up until they do.  So I was not quite the place I had imagined I would be.  Nevertheless, I approached the day in the spirit of having fun, knowing that at the very least I would LOOK competent, knowing how to load and hold and how to move on the field.

Thankfully, the competitor in me showed up that day and as my turn came around the first time, I smoked the clay.  I continued to hit more than I missed and I did great – 11 out of 25!  Not too shabby!!   Also I made a lot of new friends and did heighten my profile in my business community – a win win!

Mission accomplished:  I got to do something fun, something I found that I enjoy doing AND combined it with promoting myself and my business.   Now, my next challenge – kayaking as marketing??


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