My Decision to Become a Part Time CFO in Lake Orion

Times are still tough, but some are saying the economy is looking up.  An economic report by Comerica Bank recently announced that Michigan’s economy ticked up in January and is poised to make modest gains in 2011, but what does that really mean?  Unemployment is still at high levels and many are still looking for work.  Many in Michigan have moved to other states looking for a better opportunity to support their family but most are staying put and doing the best that they can.

I was put in a situation back in 2005 when the company I was working for was failing.  Yes, companies failed before this depression as well.  I was placed in a position to either look for a new “W-2” job or look for another opportunity.  What lead me to my decision to become a part time CFO was very basic; I no longer wanted to put my family’s security in the hands of others.

The consulting arena had always piqued my interest.  So I decided to go for it, and that meant not doing the consulting thing until a better opportunity came along.  In my mind I wasn’t going to put in the time and effort to acquire some clients just to dump them if I found a job.  This was going to be my new full time profession.

One thing I knew, I didn’t want to be a “single shingle” consultant.  I talked with many of my peers and searched the internet looking for the right type of organization that I thought would help me be successful.  I found B2B CFO®, spoke to Jerry Mills, the Founder and CEO, and liked the business model he built.  After doing my due diligence I applied to become a partner and was accepted.

It is going on six years now and I believe this was the best move of my career.  B2B CFO® has given me the tools and resources to be a very successful part time CFO for many companies over the years.  Many of my leads come from bankers, and when I tell them I am a partner in a national organization with over 185 partners nationwide, they really listen.

Probably the best thing I can say about B2B CFO® is that they allow me to be in business for myself, but not be by myself.  If you are considering taking the full time consultant avenue and becoming a part time CFO I would appreciate the opportunity the talk with you.  For more information, please check out my website at

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