Is it REALLY better to give than receive?

Well, actually YES – at least it’s better to give than take or match….

I just listened to Adam Grant’s book Give and Take on CD.  Mr. Grant looks at people on a continuum of Giving (people who are generous and giving) to Matchers (people who give with the anticipation that the gift will be reciprocated) and Takers (who are more looking out for #1) and found that in the long run Givers were at the top of various success measures AND also at the bottom.  It turns out that the Give/Take scale interacts with another character trait:  Selfless/Not Selfless, which is independent of the Give/Take trait.  And it seems that folks who are Givers and also Not Selfless tend to come out ahead in the long run.   Where do you think you fall?  If you are curious, you can take the assessment at

The thing he doesn’t talk about but what has struck me is that all the styles other than the Not Selfless Giver are zero sum games:  the Selfless Giver gives and the other gains while the giver loses; the matcher gives and then receives and the taker gets and the giver loses.  But when the Not Selfless Giver gives, they give in a way where they Gain – they increase the size of the pie.   They are coming from a place of prosperity, of sufficiency believing there is enough for us all

I highly recommend this book – there is so much good stuff in there to share that I have ordered it – not even  onto my nook, but to have a hard copy so I can easily share relevant chapters with others.   Am I a giver or what? And if that is not clear enough, I have dedicated this month’s email to the Michigan B2B CFO® partner charity for the next few months – a professional clothing drive.  If you have clothing you want to donate or if you would like to be a drop off point for this clothing please let me know.  I will pick up the clothing and get it to the distribution point.

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