How a Part Time CFO Can Help Bankers

There are many ways a part time CFO can help a business banker.  Let me count the ways….

  1. Assist with Customers who are not giving them timely and accurate financial information per the loan covenants.
  2. Assist with problem loans.  A B2B CFO® can come in to assist troubled companies with financial assistance & direction.
  3. Assist with good customers but not quite ready for a loan approval.  Help the customer gain a better control over their finances & help in preparing a complete loan package.
  4. Assist with obtaining new business.  Our partners are always working with clients that have financing requirements and need local Bankers that they can refer business to.
  5. Assist with customers that need experienced financial help but can not afford a full-time CFO

I have worked with many business bankers in the past.  If you are looking for increased banking prospects, stronger banking relationships, qualified loan applications and increased client stability, let’s talk about forming a business relationship.

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