Finish Big

I recently attended a talk by Bo Burlingham, maybe best known as co-author of The Great Game of Business and author of  Small Giants.  He was talking about his new book, Finish Big – How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top.  While I have written about how to prepare your business for a sale, Bo addresses how to prepare yourself for the sale of your business – very useful and informative.

 7 Tips for Selling your Business

  1. You know who you are, what they want and why
  2. Build a business that can be sold when and to whom you want to sell it
  3. Give yourself enough time to prepare – measured in years, not months
  4. In choosing successor, give yourself enough time to fail
  5. You get help and advice from people who’ve been through it themselves
  6. You do right by the people who’ve shared the journey with you
  7. You analyze why potential buyers want to acquire your business
  8. You figure out and become fully engaged with whatever comes next


Selling your business is most likely in the top 5 impactful events in your life – it’s important to do it in a good way, a way that you are going to look back at and be pleased with – it’s never too early to start planning your exit strategy and it’s always a good thing to ask for help….

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