CNN asks: "Detroit: the Next Silicon Valley?"

CNN Money asks whether Detroit is the next Silicon Valley by noting several tech units are doubling and tripling with an overall 82 percent jump in tech jobs over the past year.

CNN notes Detroit tech workers make an average of $71,000 a year, less than Silicon Valley but enough income to have a great quality of life in Michigan where most costs (particularly real estate costs for homes and businesses) are much lower than the East and West coasts.  Google, meanwhile, says this will be its biggest hiring year yet for its Michigan operations, CNN reported.

CNN also spoke with Michigander and Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert, who is adding 1,200 new hires. Gilbert said he hopes Detroit will be “the central core of the Midwest for technology in the next couple years.”  GE recently announced they now plan to hire 1,300 people in Michigan.

Chrysler, meantime, continues its “Imported from Detroit” campaign with a new ad featuring the city’s motto, “We hope for better things; It will rise from the ashes.”

Spread the word: Help make the case for Michigan, for its abundant talent, reinvented business taxes and lower costs of living and doing business as well as our strengths in making things (manufacturing, R&D and many emerging industries).

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