A Challenge for Small Business

Small businesses are someone’s dream – the artistic expression of their passion – and as such require careful nurturing.

Small business is the most powerful force in our economy

  • Have generated over 65% of new net jobs since 1995
  • Over 50% of the working population works for small business

I believe that small business has the ability to influence our country to heal divides and move us forward as the great nation we are faster and better than any political process.

And so it’s up to us – the people of small business – to make a difference.  And we can do that by 1) taking on learning the “what” of business management so we build strong, sustainable companies and  2) we also address the “how” of what we do:

  • By engaging from a position WIN WIN WIN –  not dog eat dog
  • By engaging from prosperity and sufficiency (there is enough of everything for everyone); not from from lack or greed or scarcity.

I believe that from this place, small business is a powerful force for positive change and I invite you to consider that how you do business has an impact far beyond your own company – you can make a difference.


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