4 Effective Leadership Tips

Trust the Universe?

Leadership has many facets, but quite a bit of the time, the concept of leadership focuses on results:  accountability and ability to get the job done.  I don’t want to undermine the “A” word – accountabilty, but I found this article that addresses the “How” of creating an accountable, productive team very insightful.  Here is a sneak preview:

  • Trust the Universe
  • What you resist, persists.  What you embrace, disappears
  • Focus on doing a few things well instead of trying to do a little bit of everything
  • Is it necessary?

 4 Things the Best Leaders Say to Their Teams to Get Real Results

Regardless of whether you’re leading a team or you’re a part of one, what you say and what you do influences those around you. The culture you create by your words and actions is a living thing. You can cultivate it to drive amazing results, or you can let it languish and see your quality and culture suffer as a result.

At the same time, not only how you speak, but when you speak and who you speak to contributes to the culture you’re driving. Are you giving useful feedback in a way that the person you’re giving it to hears it and then wants to do something about it? What kind of feedback are you providing to your team? And how are you encouraging them to achieve the results you know they’re capable of?

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