Month: January 2014

What’s in YOUR slingshot?

Picture Of A Girl With A Slingshot

I went to see Malcolm Gladwell speak last night – what an amazing mind!  I especially love his book, David and Goliath. Like his other books, it made me question the way I look at the world, challenging the assumptions, precepts and beliefs that I don’t even see.  For me, the central theme of  David… Read more »

Oakland County wants to make Woodward the ‘Coolest Corridor’

Different Colored Arrows Pointing Up

By Chad Halcom Making Woodward Avenue cool — presumably more than it is already to muscle car fans and pub-crawling millennials — could revitalize Pontiac, diversify the economy into the technology sector and even reverse brain drain, a committee of the Oakland County Business Roundtable has determined. The “Coolest Corridor” initiative, proposed by the roundtable’s… Read more »