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Give Me More for My Business

Crossword Of Social Media Terms

An interesting article by Jeremy Quittner that appeared in Inc. online.

A new survey shows entrepreneurs want higher valuations for their businesses, but are uncertain about the sale process

The valuations of social media companies and other technology darlings are sky-high these days.

But a recent survey of fast-growing smaller companies shows that while most plan to sell their businesses, they also think their businesses are undervalued.…

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The “A” word – yes, it’s ACCOUNTABILITY

Street Sign Of Accountability

Are you having trouble understanding why everyone is busy but nothing seems to happen?

Then I have a paper for you!  I came across a white paper “Creating a Culture of  Execution” which is really an excellent treatise on the process of getting the results you desire.  It talks about four stages of cultural transformation:

  1. Culture of Collaboration
  2. Culture of Individual  Accountability
  3. Culture of Execution
  4. Culture of Innovation

Each of these steps is essential for moving to the next level.  …

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Sneaky ways employees steal and how to prevent it from happening

Lego Robbers Stealing ATM Cash

This is a great article by Barry Moltz where he writes about sneaky ways that employees steal from companies and how to prevent it. The seven ways are as follows:

1. Set up fake vendor accounts.- When employees can add vendors, add invoices and cut checks then they also can create fake vendors, fake invoices and cut real checks and steal money.…

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Michigan’s economy to keep growing through ’15

Blurred Out Green Arrow Pointing Up

Written by  Mark Sanchex

Michigan’s economy should continue to grow in 2014 and into 2015, adding a projected 130,000 jobs over two years, according to an annual outlook from University of Michigan’s economists.

The economic growth that’s forecast for 2014 will restore employment in Michigan back to the levels prior to the 2008-09 Great Recession and nearly half of the job losses since the middle of the previous decade, the U-of-M forecast said.…

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