Month: December 2013

Give Me More for My Business

Crossword Of Social Media Terms

An interesting article by Jeremy Quittner that appeared in Inc. online. A new survey shows entrepreneurs want higher valuations for their businesses, but are uncertain about the sale process The valuations of social media companies and other technology darlings are sky-high these days. But a recent survey of fast-growing smaller companies shows that while most plan… Read more »

The “A” word – yes, it’s ACCOUNTABILITY

Street Sign Of Accountability

Are you having trouble understanding why everyone is busy but nothing seems to happen? Then I have a paper for you!  I came across a white paper “Creating a Culture of  Execution” which is really an excellent treatise on the process of getting the results you desire.  It talks about four stages of cultural transformation:… Read more »

Sneaky ways employees steal and how to prevent it from happening

Lego Robbers Stealing ATM Cash This is a great article by Barry Moltz where he writes about sneaky ways that employees steal from companies and how to prevent it. The seven ways are as follows: 1. Set up fake vendor accounts.- When employees can add vendors, add invoices and cut checks then they also can create fake vendors, fake… Read more »