Month: November 2012

My Shotgun Approach to Marketing

Making marketing fun! In fall of 2011, my local chamber added a new event to their schedule – a trap shoot.  I didn’t go and heard afterward that it was a lot of fun but that no women participated. Coincidentally, my husband and I had inherited a shotgun – the very first firearm that either… Read more »

Michigan Film Office has $58 million in grants to dole out

It’s a new year for the Michigan Film Office, which has $58 million in grants available for qualifying film and digital media projects. That’s $33 million more than was allotted in the just-completed fiscal year. The question now: How interested will Hollywood be? That amount is based on the $50 million approved for the state’s… Read more »

Is your company Thriving or just Surviving: Do you know how your business model is set up to perform and how you actual performance compares?

I like to use a paper airplane analogy when talking about business models. Just like a business model, some paper airplanes are built to fly and some aren’t. Just like a business model, there are lots of ways to create a paper airplane that will fly and even more ways to create one that won’t.… Read more »