Month: April 2011

May offers special event for business women in SE Michigan

The fourth annual  WXW Forum – Now We’re Talking is being held at Eagle Crest Conference center on Friday, May 20th. To hear what people had to say last year, watch the video: The Early Bird special ends May 2nd.  To register, visit        

Ford: Best first quarter since '98

Having grown up in Dearborn, Michigan, the home of Ford Motor Company and with many family and friends working in the automobile business it is always great to read stories like the one below.  Scores of people from around the country do not understand what the automobile business means to this region. When the Federal… Read more »

Michigan Takes Home Gold in National Biz Competition

Feeling golden?  Michigan topped at least 47 other states in the 2011 Area Development Gold Shovel Award business competition. “This recognition demonstrates our ability to grow business and adds to our momentum as a state,” said Michigan Economic Development Corp. President and CEO Michael A. Finney. “And, as we ramp up our talent enhancement, entrepreneurial… Read more »

Is There Life After Bankruptcy?

I recently worked with a client as their part time CFO that filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and successfully emerged out of bankruptcy approximately 16 months later.  It was a difficult and costly proposition but in the long run saved the company and the jobs of 60+ employees.   As the article below points out, they were… Read more »

The Dreaded IRS Tax Audit

With the IRS tax deadline of April18th right around the corner I wanted to share an interesting article about the dreaded tax audit: 5 ways to avoid a tax audit Many individuals and business owners live in fear of the Internal Revenue Service and in most cases it is without reason.  If you are claiming… Read more »