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A Challenge for Small Business

Small businesses are someone’s dream – the artistic expression of their passion – and as such require careful nurturing.

Small business is the most powerful force in our economy

  • Have generated over 65% of new net jobs since 1995
  • Over 50% of the working population works for small business

I believe that small business has the ability to influence our country to heal divides and move us forward as the great nation we are faster and better than any political process.

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Michigan’s Comeback by the Numbers

Here are some facts and figures from that I thought might interest you:

Big news over the past few days underscores Michigan recent economic gains. The unemployment rate, 7.2 percent in September, is the state’s best showing in more than six years. And employers will be pleased by continuing reductions in workers’ comp premiums.…

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Sep 9Bill Dangl

B2B Exit Software Nominated For 2014 Small Business Influencer Awards – Vote Now

Sep 9Bill Dangl


 B2B Exit Software Nominated For 2014 Small Business Influencer Awards

Voting Period Ends September 15th


“We are so proud of our new software and see it as a true game changer for the small and mid-size business industry,” said Jerry L. Mills.  “We are very pleased to be among the nominees this year and hope to finish strong.  I sincerely appreciate every vote and all the support!”

Read more about the award here

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Three Exit Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The majority of a business owner’s wealth is usually tied up in the illiquid asset of his business. Since the majority of his wealth is tied up in his business, his post-retirement standard of living is largely dependent on the successful sale of his business. The typical business owner sells only one business in his career, and is therefore not an expert in this critically important transaction, causing business owners to frequently make tragic errors in selling their businesses.…

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Top 4 Common Mistakes Business Owners Make With Exit Planning

I recently saw this white paper on the top four mistakes that business owners make in planning their business transition.  As expected, the most common mistake is not planning their exits.

To read the white paper, click on the following link: Top 4 Common Mistakes Business Owners Make With Exit Planning

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Jul 23Mark Crowley

Prepping the Financials for a Sale

Jul 23Mark Crowley published chapter 19 of The Exit Strategy Handbook today!! This book was written by the founder of B2B CFO®, Jerry Mills. It’s a great tool for business owners who are thinking about selling their business, whether now or in the future. Let me know if you would like to have a discussion about this.

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